GORM Config

GORM provides Config can be used during initialization

type Config struct {
SkipDefaultTransaction bool
NamingStrategy schema.Namer
Logger logger.Interface
NowFunc func() time.Time
DryRun bool
PrepareStmt bool
DisableNestedTransaction bool
AllowGlobalUpdate bool
DisableAutomaticPing bool
DisableForeignKeyConstraintWhenMigrating bool


GORM perform write (create/update/delete) operations run inside a transaction to ensure data consistency, you can disable it during initialization if it is not required

db, err := gorm.Open(sqlite.Open("gorm.db"), &gorm.Config{
SkipDefaultTransaction: true,


GORM allows users to change the naming conventions by overriding the default NamingStrategy which need to implements interface Namer

type Namer interface {
TableName(table string) string
SchemaName(table string) string
ColumnName(table, column string) string
JoinTableName(table string) string
RelationshipFKName(Relationship) string
CheckerName(table, column string) string
IndexName(table, column string) string

The default NamingStrategy also provides few options, like:

db, err := gorm.Open(sqlite.Open("gorm.db"), &gorm.Config{
NamingStrategy: schema.NamingStrategy{
TablePrefix: "t_", // table name prefix, table for `User` would be `t_users`
SingularTable: true, // use singular table name, table for `User` would be `user` with this option enabled
NoLowerCase: true, // skip the snake_casing of names
NameReplacer: strings.NewReplacer("CID", "Cid"), // use name replacer to change struct/field name before convert it to db name


Allow to change GORM’s default logger by overriding this option, refer Logger for more details


Change the function to be used when creating a new timestamp

db, err := gorm.Open(sqlite.Open("gorm.db"), &gorm.Config{
NowFunc: func() time.Time {
return time.Now().Local()


Generate SQL without executing, can be used to prepare or test generated SQL, refer Session for details

db, err := gorm.Open(sqlite.Open("gorm.db"), &gorm.Config{
DryRun: false,


PreparedStmt creates a prepared statement when executing any SQL and caches them to speed up future calls, refer Session for details

db, err := gorm.Open(sqlite.Open("gorm.db"), &gorm.Config{
PrepareStmt: false,


When using Transaction method inside a db transaction, GORM will use SavePoint(savedPointName), RollbackTo(savedPointName) to give you the nested transaction support, you could disable it by using the DisableNestedTransaction option, refer Session for details


Enable global update/delete, refer Session for details


GORM automatically ping database after initialized to check database availability, disable it by setting it to true

db, err := gorm.Open(sqlite.Open("gorm.db"), &gorm.Config{
DisableAutomaticPing: true,


GORM creates database foreign key constraints automatically when AutoMigrate or CreateTable, disable this by setting it to true, refer Migration for details

db, err := gorm.Open(sqlite.Open("gorm.db"), &gorm.Config{
DisableForeignKeyConstraintWhenMigrating: true,

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