GORM allows create database constraints with tag, constraints will be created when AutoMigrate or CreateTable with GORM

CHECK Constraint

Create CHECK constraints with tag check

type UserIndex struct {
Name string `gorm:"check:name_checker,name <> 'jinzhu'"`
Name2 string `gorm:"check:name <> 'jinzhu'"`
Name3 string `gorm:"check:,name <> 'jinzhu'"`

Index Constraint

Checkout Database Indexes

Foreign Key Constraint

GORM will creates foreign keys constraints for associations, you can disable this feature during initialization:

db, err := gorm.Open(sqlite.Open("gorm.db"), &gorm.Config{
DisableForeignKeyConstraintWhenMigrating: true,

GORM allows you setup FOREIGN KEY constraints’s OnDelete, OnUpdate option with tag constraint, for example:

type User struct {
CompanyID int
Company Company `gorm:"constraint:OnUpdate:CASCADE,OnDelete:SET NULL;"`
CreditCard CreditCard `gorm:"constraint:OnUpdate:CASCADE,OnDelete:SET NULL;"`

type CreditCard struct {
Number string
UserID uint

type Company struct {
ID int
Name string

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