Dao Generator

Dao Generator

// generate code
func main() {
//init db
db := mysql.DB(context.Background()).Debug()
// specify the output directory (default: "./query")
// ### if you want to query without context constrain, set mode gen.WithoutContext ###
cfg := gen.Config{
OutPath: "../../biz/dal",
Mode: gen.WithDefaultQuery | gen.WithQueryInterface,
//Mode: gen.WithDefaultQuery,
FieldNullable: true,

g := gen.NewGenerator(cfg)

// reuse the database connection in Project or create a connection here
// if you want to use GenerateModel/GenerateModelAs, UseDB is necessary or it will panic

// apply basic crud api on structs or table models which is specified by table name with function
// GenerateModel/GenerateModelAs. And generator will generate table models' code when calling Execute.
// g.ApplyBasic(model.User{}, g.GenerateModel("company"), g.GenerateModelAs("people", "Person", gen.FieldIgnore("address")))
g.GenerateModelAs("user", "JustUser"),
g.GenerateModelAs("address", "Addr",
gen.FieldNewTag("id", `newTag:"tag info"`),

// apply diy interfaces on structs or table models
g.ApplyInterface(func(method.Method) {}, &model.Company{}, model.User{}, test{}) // struct test will be ignored
//g.ApplyInterface(func(method method.UserMethod) {}, model.User{})

// execute the action of code generation

Generate dao method

methods of user dao as an example

type IUserDo interface {
Debug() IUserDo
WithContext(ctx context.Context) IUserDo
WithResult(fc func(tx gen.Dao)) gen.ResultInfo
ReplaceDB(db *gorm.DB)
ReadDB() IUserDo
WriteDB() IUserDo
As(alias string) gen.Dao
Columns(cols ...field.Expr) gen.Columns
Clauses(conds ...clause.Expression) IUserDo
Not(conds ...gen.Condition) IUserDo
Or(conds ...gen.Condition) IUserDo
Select(conds ...field.Expr) IUserDo
Where(conds ...gen.Condition) IUserDo
Order(conds ...field.Expr) IUserDo
Distinct(cols ...field.Expr) IUserDo
Omit(cols ...field.Expr) IUserDo
Join(table schema.Tabler, on ...field.Expr) IUserDo
LeftJoin(table schema.Tabler, on ...field.Expr) IUserDo
RightJoin(table schema.Tabler, on ...field.Expr) IUserDo
Group(cols ...field.Expr) IUserDo
Having(conds ...gen.Condition) IUserDo
Limit(limit int) IUserDo
Offset(offset int) IUserDo
Count() (count int64, err error)
Scopes(funcs ...func(gen.Dao) gen.Dao) IUserDo
Unscoped() IUserDo
Create(values ...*model.User) error
CreateInBatches(values []*model.User, batchSize int) error
Save(values ...*model.User) error
First() (*model.User, error)
Take() (*model.User, error)
Last() (*model.User, error)
Find() ([]*model.User, error)
FindInBatch(batchSize int, fc func(tx gen.Dao, batch int) error) (results []*model.User, err error)
FindInBatches(result *[]*model.User, batchSize int, fc func(tx gen.Dao, batch int) error) error
Pluck(column field.Expr, dest interface{}) error
Delete(...*model.User) (info gen.ResultInfo, err error)
Update(column field.Expr, value interface{}) (info gen.ResultInfo, err error)
UpdateSimple(columns ...field.AssignExpr) (info gen.ResultInfo, err error)
Updates(value interface{}) (info gen.ResultInfo, err error)
UpdateColumn(column field.Expr, value interface{}) (info gen.ResultInfo, err error)
UpdateColumnSimple(columns ...field.AssignExpr) (info gen.ResultInfo, err error)
UpdateColumns(value interface{}) (info gen.ResultInfo, err error)
UpdateFrom(q gen.SubQuery) gen.Dao
Attrs(attrs ...field.AssignExpr) IUserDo
Assign(attrs ...field.AssignExpr) IUserDo
Joins(fields ...field.RelationField) IUserDo
Preload(fields ...field.RelationField) IUserDo
FirstOrInit() (*model.User, error)
FirstOrCreate() (*model.User, error)
FindByPage(offset int, limit int) (result []*model.User, count int64, err error)
ScanByPage(result interface{}, offset int, limit int) (count int64, err error)
Scan(result interface{}) (err error)
Returning(value interface{}, columns ...string) IUserDo
UnderlyingDB() *gorm.DB

FindByNameAndAge(name string, age int) (result *model.User, err error)
FindBySimpleName() (result []*model.User, err error)
FindByIDOrName(cond1 bool, id int, col string, name string) (result *model.User, err error)
FindAll() (result []map[string]interface{}, err error)
FindOne() (result map[string]interface{})
FindAddress() (result *model.User, err error)

Init Dao

Initialize global singleton mode.

func init() {

If gen.WithDefaultQuery mode is not used, you can initialize dao like this.

var Q dal.Query

func init() {
Q = dal.Use(mysql.DB(context.Background()))
Use Dao
func Query(ctx context.Context) {
var err error
var user *model.User
var users []*model.User

u, ud := dal.User, dal.User.WithContext(ctx)

/*--------------Basic query-------------*/
user, err = ud.Take()
//query by write db
user, err = ud.WriteDB().Take()
// SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `users`.`deleted_at` IS NULL LIMIT 1
util.CatchErr("take 1 item fail", err)
log.Printf("query 1 item: %+v", user)

user, err = ud.Where(u.ID.Gt(100), u.Name.Like("%T%")).Take()
// SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `users`.`id` > 100 AND `users`.`name` LIKE '%T%' AND `users`.`deleted_at` IS NULL LIMIT 1
util.CatchErr("query with conditions fail", err)
log.Printf("query conditions got: %+v", user)

user, err = ud.Where(ud.Columns(u.ID).In(ud.Select(u.ID.Min()))).First()
// SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `users`.`id` IN (SELECT MIN(`users`.`id`) FROM `users` WHERE `users`.`deleted_at` IS NULL) AND `users`.`deleted_at` IS NULL
// ORDER BY `users`.`id` LIMIT 1
util.CatchErr("subquery 1 fail", err)
log.Printf("subquery 1 got item: %+v", user)

user, err = ud.Where(ud.Columns(u.ID).Eq(ud.Select(u.ID.Max()))).First()
// SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `users`.`id` = (SELECT MAX(`users`.`id`) FROM `users` WHERE `users`.`deleted_at` IS NULL) AND `users`.`deleted_at` IS NULL
// ORDER BY `users`.`id` LIMIT 1
util.CatchErr("subquery 2 fail", err)
log.Printf("subquery 2 got item: %+v", user)

users, err = ud.Distinct(u.Name).Find()
// SELECT DISTINCT `users`.`name` FROM `users` WHERE `users`.`deleted_at` IS NULL
// users, err = u.Select(u.Name).Distinct().Find()
// users, err = u.Distinct(u.ID, u.Name).Find()
// users, err = u.Distinct(u.ID, u.Name.As("n")).Find()
util.CatchErr("select distinct fail", err)
log.Printf("select distinct got: %d", len(users))

/*--------------Diy query-------------*/
user, err = ud.FindByNameAndAge("tom", 29)
// SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE name='tom' and age=29 AND `users`.`deleted_at` IS NULL
util.CatchErr("FindByNameAndAge fail", err)
log.Printf("FindByNameAndAge: %+v", user)

users, err = ud.FindBySimpleName()
// select id,name,age from users where age>18
util.CatchErr("FindBySimpleName fail", err)
log.Printf("FindBySimpleName: (%d)%+v", len(users), users)

user, err = ud.Select(u.ID, u.Name).Where(u.ID.Eq(1)).Attrs(u.Name.Value("modi")).Assign(u.Age.Value(17)).FirstOrCreate()
// UPDATE `users` SET `age`=17 WHERE `users`.`id` = 1 AND `users`.`deleted_at` IS NULL
util.CatchErr("FirstOrCreate fail", err)
log.Printf("FirstOrCreate got: %+v", user)

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