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Create record
// u refer to query.user
user := model.User{Name: "Modi", Age: 18, Birthday: time.Now()}

u := query.User
err := u.WithContext(ctx).Create(&user) // pass pointer of data to Create

err // returns error
Create record with selected fields

Create a record and assign a value to the fields specified.

u := query.User
u.WithContext(ctx).Select(u.Name, u.Age).Create(&user)
// INSERT INTO `users` (`name`,`age`) VALUES ("modi", 18)

Create a record and ignore the values for fields passed to omit

u := query.User
u.WithContext(ctx).Omit(u.Name, u.Age).Create(&user)
// INSERT INTO `users` (`Address`, `Birthday`) VALUES ("2021-08-17 20:54:12.000", 18)
Batch Insert

To efficiently insert large number of records, pass a slice to the Create method. GORM will generate a single SQL statement to insert all the data and backfill primary key values.

var users = []*model.User{{Name: "modi"}, {Name: "zhangqiang"}, {Name: "songyuan"}}

for _, user := range users {
user.ID // 1,2,3

You can specify batch size when creating with CreateInBatches, e.g:

var users = []*User{{Name: "modi_1"}, ...., {Name: "modi_10000"}}

// batch size 100
query.User.WithContext(ctx).CreateInBatches(users, 100)

It will works if you set CreateBatchSize in gorm.Config / gorm.Session

db, err := gorm.Open(sqlite.Open("gorm.db"), &gorm.Config{
CreateBatchSize: 1000,
// OR
db = db.Session(&gorm.Session{CreateBatchSize: 1000})

u := query.NewUser(db)

var users = []User{{Name: "modi_1"}, ...., {Name: "modi_5000"}}

// INSERT INTO users xxx (5 batches)

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